Add the strategic support and competitive edge you need to boost profit centers, increase visibility or build your concept from the ground up.

Here’s how Wine for the People can help:


Winery Consulting/Brand Building

Project Management services to build the following-

  • Brand building from the ground up
  • Market input to inform production schedule/packaging/wine styles
  • Consultation & market support to find reputable import/export/distribution channels
  • Ongoing education for cellar/tasting room/distributor sales staff to support sales & comprehensive understanding
  • Marketing/PR/Social media services
  • A brand ambassador to promote your vision

Retail/Restaurant/Bar Consulting & Concept Building

  • Beverage program set-up & promotion
  • Service design/layout
  • Initial and/or continued purchasing for any size selection
  • Staff education, hiring & training
  • Manage vendor contact
  • Marketing/PR/Social media services
  • Project Management




Wine & Food Events

  • Professional judging for industry panels/competitions/events
  • Public speaking for industry events
  • Consulting with event planner for any occasion from small private tastings to large scale events
  • Sourcing & curating a selection of unique wines